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:: Relief and Welfare ::

Leprosy Camp
Chengalpattu. This program is being contacted at the third Sunday of every month. We provide Food, Paste, Tooth Brush, shampoo. We hold Gospel meetings every month and around 120 people are attend these prayer fellowship. We provided the following aids:

1. Crèches has been given for five members.Slippers has been provided for Fifty members
2. Spectacles has been given for Six members.
3. Hearing machines has been given for Three members.
4. Slippers has been provided for Fifty members.

Eye Camp
We conducted a free eye camp with cooperation of lion’s club. Totally 266 persons were tested out of which 14 persons who were above 60 years underwent free cataract surgery and we provided free spectacles for them.
We have provided weighing machines for Ten Blind people that may help them to earn by themselves. Each machine cost around Rupees 730.
Eye Camp  
Welfare For Handicapped
We have provided handicapped cycles for a few people who have lost their legs and are struggling with day to day living.
Welfare For Handicapped  
Educational Programme
Our Educational programme consist of free computer training for 220 children who are basically slums they do not have the finance or any formal Education, so they would not be able to participate in training courses unless they could get them free. The duration of the course 3 months, and We are teaching the following modules : DTP, E-mail Browsing, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office Basics and basic Data Entry Courses.
Certificate of Acheivement Certificate of Acheivement Certificate of Acheivement
Slum Area Development
Another Aspect of our program is to develop the slum area’s. In that we are planning to build new house, Hospital and to provide Road facilities for those people living in Slum areas.
Slum Area Development 
Welfare For HIV Patients
In our organization we are take care of Children whose parents are affected by deadly disease HIV.
Mr.Velu (HIV +ve) Mrs.ArulSelvi Velu (HIV +ve) V.VeeraBabu, V.Veerasunder, V.VeeraValli
Welfare For HIV Patients  
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