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Repentance and Remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations Luke 24 : 47

Pastor. Suhin Olive Jackson a graduate in Theology who was complete his Leadership and Mission. In his youth he was drug audit .God saved him and called him to do the precious work and to serve for him. He started his ministry with 6 Children’s in Sunday school inside a slum in Chennai in 1995.Then god opened doors to pioneer church and youth fellowships. Now we have 2 Churches with 150 members and 4 Sunday school in various slums. We have around 600 children's in children’s ministry and our target is to reach 1000 children's for Christ. We have around 40 youth in our church. He started the orphanage in 1999 with 11 Children's. Now we have 25 orphan Children’s. The desire of the children’s future is his Goal . He has a heart to work where people are helpless in any situation. His vision is to reach the helpless downtrodden people for God. LOVE IN ACTION IS DESIRE OF OUR LORD . We are trying to reach the desire of our Lord.


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