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::Compassion Children Home ::

In our Home, single parent children and totally resorted children are being admitted and provided food, shelter, clothing, medicine and education. As far Compassion Childrenas girls are concerned they are kept maintained in the home till they are married, and for boys till they are able to get work r and stand on there own two feet.


Children with their Director Mr.O. Robinson
All the Children who are live in the home come from various towns and villages, and from all sorts of backgrounds, or language they are from, as every deserving child is admitted considering their future prospects. we are not concerned what creed, religion
Children with their Director Mr.O. Robinson
Orphans Children
Categories of Beneficiaries : Orphans Children with single parent Children of HIV parents Children of Physically and mentally retorted parents Area of Operation : Surrounding villages, neighboring Town and urban areas
Orphans Children
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